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2004 - 2010

Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes unique blend of puppetry techniques along with their organic, circuit-bending soundtracks and beautifully disturbing images, have resonated in its audiences throughout Europe, often leaving them moved, shocked, bewildered and enthralled.

Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes was founded in 2004 by Patrick Sims, Mafalda da Camara and Richard Penny. they were joined by Julian Weare (2005)

Their first work, “Shellachrymellaecum” (2005), was an electronic opera about the inaudible and the unspeakable that won two prizes ( best dramatical content and best plastic art ) at the Lleida International Puppet Festival. They went on to tour at the Prague International Festival of Puppet Art, Dresden’s Societasteater, in Marseille at the L’Embobineuse and Gardens School of Circus Arts, and Footsbarn Travelling Theatre’s 35th anniversary celebration.

The next work was The Vestibular Folds (2006), a tale about the engraving and destruction of a metaphysical gramophone record, which was created in 2006 and premiered at the Festival Neo, Institute de Teatre of Catalunia, then at the Institute of Contemporary Art for the London Mime Festival, and at the festival Printemps des Comediens in Montpellier.

In 2007 the company produced "The Armature of the Absolute" at the Antic Teatre in Barcelona on the 1st November 2007, the centenary of the death of Alfred Jarry. Invited to the Aurillac Festival in August 2008, the first time a puppet company had been invited to this festival which is dedicated to outdoor street performances.The Armature of the Absolute was presented at the Barbican Centre in January 2009 as part of the London International Mime Festival and also at the Festival Mano à Mano in Châteauroux and the International Poppenfestival in Dordrecht Holland

The company has been based in Marseille (2005), Barcelona (2006/7) returning to Marseille in October 2008, where the company has moved into its new studio The Livery which is a rehearsal and construction studio in the quartier La Joliette.

In November 2009 a children’s show "The Snow Flea" written by Patrick Sims was performed at the Theatre Massalia in Marseille. The show was very shortlived as Patrick then decided to finish his involvement with the group and left to form a new group called ’Les Antliaclastes’. None of the previous shows are in repertoire.

In 2010 Buchinger’s Boot regrouped around the kernel of artists Richard Penny, Mafalda da Camara and Julian Weare, to which were added Karine Dumont, a composer/musician and Stanislas Roblès, stage manager. The new work "Yaga’s Fire" had it’s première on the 3rd July 2010 at the festival Villeneuve en Scène

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