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New article

"Petrology" plonges us into the curvature of space-time, exploring our perception of the universe.

From a prehistoric scene to a futuristic one, Petrology offers the spectator a series of of "tableaux vivants".

Presented as a visual and sound observation, Petrology uses the mediums of audio, video, performance, theatre of objects, which allows us to enjoy a succession of moving images (sometimes disturbing) in which music plays the role of the narrator.

"The Machine of Desire", scene 1 of 4 was created during a residency at the company Cosmos Kolej at "Gare Franche" Marseille

We need co-producers for the three following tableaux:

Tableau 2 / 4 Entropy in Chaos!

Tableau 3 / 4 Cracks in the Image

Tableau 4 / 4 Quantisation

"Petrology" will be available for touring from October 2012 and will be touring until 2015

Full 20 minute version of Tableau 1 "The Machine of Desire"

Petrology Tableau 1/4 (long) from Buchinger's boot on Vimeo.

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