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MIR Caravan 2010

Buchinger’s Boot with "Yaga’s Fire"

MIR Caravan 2010

The initiators of MIR Caravan 1989 have decided to shine a light on the intervening changes at this moment in time, to further question frontiers and ideologies and to promote the necessity of dialogue and cultural cooperation in this Europe of the twenty-first Century.

Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes participated in this tour which took in prologues in Brno, Republic Czech - Frankfurt, Germany - Villeneuve les Avignon, France. And the full caravanserai in Namur, Belgium and Moscow, Russia between June and September 2010 and participated in the collective creation "Dreaming of Europe" based on the myth ’Europa’ and an idea of Horacio Czertok (Teatro Nucleo) in Namur.


“We, actors from all countries in Europe, of all languages and practicing the theatrical art, decide to share our common resources, our experiences and our art to realise a European tour in 1989”

It was on the basis of this declaration that the companies set forth on one of the most extraordinary theatre projects ever realised in Europe: MIR Caravan. This travelling village of theatre, 200 people of 26 nationalities, with their 5 theatre tents, trucks and caravans, stopped in the heart of 10 cities on the tour which took five months to complete. MIR Caravan was conceived by the desire of 8 theatre companies, four from the then „western‟ and four from „eastern‟ Europe, to develop a common understanding, through travelling and the practice of theatre, and questioning the existing frontiers. At this time the Berlin Wall separated, not only a Town, but also Europe and the entire World. The tour coincided symbolically with the bi-centenary of the French Revolution and we wanted to show that the Berlin Wall was the ultimate European Bastille.

See online : MIR Caravan 2010

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