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2012 new creation "Petrology"

by Mafalda da Camara

Petrology proposes a visual and sound observatory in the form of a performance, into some of the theories and practices forming a perception of the world, the universe and our place within it.

’The Machine of Desire’

Petrology by Mafalda da Camara from Buchinger’s Boot on Vimeo.

Taking the form of a series of “tableaux vivants” that are connected through juxtaposed moving images a narrative is constructed. Working through the concepts of the light spectrum as a visible perceptible and masked imperceptible magnetism, the inaudible, and the audible the representation of the invisible and the Human Look.

This concepts which are integrated in the observatory platform idea, use the mediums of photography, sound, film, representation, theatricality, and body practices into a performance. It is important to define these two body’s of action as separate, in order to reassemble it, to stand back and observe in which ways can we express what belong to the realm of the imperceptible reality.

For more on the performance download the Artistic dossier

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